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Pleased to have had my submission to Roger and Brian Eno's Mixing Colours project accepted. It's a shot of trees being blown by the wind from my upstairs window accompanied by the track 'Iris' from their album. I was trying to capture something of what lockdown has felt like - looking out on the world and being blown around by the wind.

You can view my submission on the project site here:

I've been experimenting with collage recently. I made this after reading around the Battle of the Winwaed and spotting the Penda's Fields housing estate on a map of Leeds. And of course Alan Clarke's Penda's Fen couldn't help come to mind.

Since lockdown began, life has felt a lot more local to me. I have barely left Armley, my local area, for weeks now. I love the 1960s shopping arcades on Town Street and decided to do a digital drawing of the elevation of one side of the road. While I imagine a lot of people see this building as an eyesore, I really do love its design and wanted to show some respect for an underloved and and underappreciated architectural gem. I've also submitted it to Leeds Modernist Society in response to their call for creative submissions during lockdown.

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