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Leeds Beckett University are currently hosting an online exhibition of work by MA students called Gallery / House which features a series of maps and collages I have been working on recently. You can visit the online gallery here, and I've included my work below. The pieces represent four distinct phases from the history of Leeds and its surrounding area. This roughly represents 1,000 years of time, often annexed to the margins of the historical narrative. Each was conquered by a more prescient force in the broader, more generic, story of British history. While each of these points in time have left an indelible mark upon the landscape and its stories, their marks are often obscure and elusive. While the reality of our former landscapes can never be rediscovered, they haunt the liminal spaces between past and present, and continue to manifest in our futures. The gaps in time and meaning allow these places to be reinterpreted, reimagined and repurposed.

I'm currently working on a project creating a series of maps showing where the Leeds city region has existed throughout time. My plan is to show the maps alongside some associated imagery. Here is the first - Brigantia - as mapped by the ancient Greek geographer Ptolmey.

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